calendar 03 Jun 2016 Animals

When you do something awesome, your confidence goes through the roof. You can't help but smile, stand a little taller, puff your chest out a little bit further...and as it turns out, our pups are exactly the same! Whether they just brought a ball back really efficiently or sorted the garbage into important piles, these dogs are super proud of their accomplishments and can't help but wear their pride on their faces.

calendar 31 Mar 2016 Animals

We rely on our adorable pets for a great deal of things...snuggles, love, and constant smiles when we get home from work, to name a few. But sometimes, they can take their "job" as human's best friend a bit seriously. In fact, they occasionally take it upon themselves to just take a load off our plates when it comes to housework, homework, or just some end-of-day emails to the boss.