11 Adorably Embarrassing Examples of Baby Shaming

18 Jun 2014 Funny
11 Adorably Embarrassing Examples of Baby Shaming

It all started with the ‘Dogshaming’ meme, where owners took to the Web to expose their misbehaving pooches. Then there was bunny shaming, which taught us that even those little guys can get into trouble. But that ain’t got nothin’ on the latest version — baby shaming brings this trend to an entirely new level of adorable.

Listen, it’s basically impossible to get mad at munchkins for puking everywhere or hiding dad’s keys, because how could you ever yell at these cutie patootie faces?! The next best thing is for parents to go the all-in-good-fun shaming route. Check out 11 of our favorites, and let the aww-ing begin!
I have been stealing mummys energy drinks
I like to pretend I am choking and scare my mum
I keep drooling all over myself but rip off my bib when you put it on
I spit my milk in my blocks bucket, and laughed about it
I hide daddy's work truck keys in my toys
I do not tolerate wet diapers
I went outside by myself
I wrote all over the kitchen in black crayon
Baby Shaming
puke on everything
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