Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting

21 Jun 2014 Kids Activity
Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting

Instructions of making Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting.

You will need:
bubble wrap and easel paper
To set up the painting surface, you will need to roll out two long lengths of easel paper next to each other. If you have the room, you may want to put down three lengths of easel paper next to each other. My daughter would have liked more room to jump and paint. Cut the easel paper and tape it down to the floor.
easel paper
We decided to use two colors of paint, but you can use as many as you want. Squirt some paint on a paper plate.
paint and paint brush
Cut a length of bubble wrap, wide enough to make a little boot on your child's bare foot. Loosely wrap and tape the bubble wrap around your child's foot. If your child is wearing long pants, pull or roll them up.
bubble wrap on feet
Dip your paintbrush in the paint and paint the bubble wrap on the bottom of your child's foot. 
bubble wrapped feet
We painted one foot red and one foot purple. I had my daughter sit near the paper and keep her feet near the paper so she would not get the paint on the floor. Some paint got on the floor anyway, but it was easily wiped away.
kids art activity
Now it's time to paint! Your child can walk across the paper with the painted bubble wrapped feet. My daughter preferred to jump.
paint stomp
There was plenty of stomping and marching. As she moved around, she could hear the bubble wrap popping.
painting with feet
As you can see, she had a ball creating her bubble wrap art.
kids activity
My daughter had no issues with slipping or sliding as she ran and jumped. I think this was because there was just a small amount of paint placed on her feet. Even so, be sure to carefully supervise your child during this activity.
painted foot prints
We stopped a few times during the activity to apply more paint to her bubble wrap.
toddler painting
This art activity is more about process than product, but if you are interested in the finished product here it is.
toddler art
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