Puppy Butts you will love

26 Jul 2014 Animals
Puppy Butts you will love

You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll be stunned by the cutest puppy butts that have ever graced this humble planet.

1. Cheeky butt

Cheeky butt

2. Butt for world peace

Butt for world peace

3. Sick-of-your-shenanigans butt

Sick-of-your-shenanigans butt

4. Butt in repose

Butt in repose

5. Corgi-cloud butt

Corgi-cloud butt

6. Wrinkle butts

Wrinkle butts

7. Struggle butt

Struggle butt

8. Confident butt

Confident butt

9. Nonchalant butt

Nonchalant butt

10. Minimalist butt

Minimalist butt

11. All-business butt

All-business butt

12. Chow-puppy butts

Chow-puppy butts

13. Subtle butt

Subtle butt

14. Butts on the go

Butts on the go

15. Fuzzy butt

Fuzzy butt

16. Cool butt

Cool butt

17. Hungry butt

Hungry butt

18. Butt partners in crime

Butt partners in crime

19. Thoughtful butt

Thoughtful butt

20. Happy-to-see-you butt

Happy-to-see-you butt

21. Explorer butt

Explorer butt

22. One-of-your-French-girls butt

One-of-your-French-girls butt

23. Sneaky butt

Sneaky butt

24. A butt with the power to change lives.

A butt with the power to change lives.
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