The worst time to take a selfie

30 Jul 2014 Weird
The worst time to take a selfie

Taking a "selfie" is always a little self-centered. After all, you're just going to stand there and take a picture of yourself. There are, however, appropriate times to take a selfie. If you're standing in front of a National Monument and no one else can take a picture of you... it makes sense.

If you're at the funeral of a loved one in front of mourners? That is 110% NOT the time to take a selfie. Some of these people lack so much sense, it's amazing they haven't been slapped in the face yet.

1.) Please do not panic... or take selfies.

2.) Seriously. When there is a problem on a plane, you're not helping when you do this.

3.) Domestic abuse selfie?

4.) When attending a funeral, the thought "I should take a selfie!" should never pop into your head.

5.) ... wait, WHAT?

6.) P.S., it's not funny.

7.) Hey, don't look now, but you might want to go do your job.

8.) There is nothing about this I understand.

9.) Oh good, teenage pregnancy.

10.) At least their selfie is why they got caught.

11.) Do they even know who Anne Frank is?

12.) Here's hoping she isn't a real doctor and this is all an elaborate scheme.


14.) You're going to be so embarrassed if you make the news tomorrow.

15.) Stop crying and maybe stop taking selfies.

16.) Don't worry, he called for help. ... probably.

17.) Hey, officer! Smile!

18.) The World's Most Epic Selfie.

19.) Thankfully, he wasn't responsible for getting her to the hospital.

20.) I am very, very sorry for whoever she is about to visit there.

21.) Car crash, NBD, look at me.

22.) LOL, sinking boat? Selfie time.

23.) Not. A. Good. Idea.

24.) It's hard to wrap my mind around how rude this is.

25.) Forest fires are meant for running-away-from.

26.) Imminent disaster selfies are always fun.

If there's ever a question of whether or not you should take a selfie, always err on the side of not taking one. The worst case scenario there is that you don't have a picture of yourself. If you decided to pull out your phone, you could be insulting huge groups of people without realizing it.

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