Amazing Lighting

31 Jul 2014 Nature
Amazing Lighting

Don’t get me wrong, Mother Nature, you’re beautiful... but this thunder and lightning stuff is a bit much. Loud rumbling noises? Sudden bolts of electricity that shoot from the ground to a cloud? Are they really necessary? The world is scary enough as it is without having to worry about getting zapped by lightning or startled by the sound of thunder while holding hot coffee.

These are some of the most epic thunderstorm photos we have ever seen. It shows the true power and beauty of nature. In the future, I'll be staying indoors when it begins storming...

Are you looking at this indoors?

Grand Canyon, epic lightning.

Have enough yet?

I thought Scranton was "The Electric City."

I've never been happier about not living in a tree.

Welp, guess I'm going in the other direction.

Welp, guess I'm going in the other direction.

Volcanic lightning.

That sounds safe.

What's the point of doing yard work if it's just going to get struck by lightning anyway?

A dramatic interpretation of your selfies being saved to the cloud.

Who needs fireworks when you have an electric storm?

That lightning really stole the rainbow's thunder.

Isn't that how Bridgeman got his super powers?

Well, that's ominous.

Well, that's ominous.

This is not a point of view I'd like to get used to.

Hey, tallest building in the world, meet lightning.

What is this kid thinking? No one is immune to lightning.

No one!


I have to imagine that if Ben Franklin had access to pictures like these, he wouldn’t have been so eager to tie that key to his kite. Yikes!

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