These 20 Plants Will Scare The Heck Out Of You.

07 Aug 2014 Nature
These 20 Plants Will Scare The Heck Out Of You.

Nature is amazing. Just a a quick walk outside is enough to convince most people of the beauty of creation. Occasionally though, Mother Nature likes to throw a curve ball. A freaky curve ball that boggles the mind.

These 20 plants are unbelievably strange. If you ever saw one of these out in the wild, at the very least you'd do a double take. I know if I saw any of these plants on a hike, I'd promptly run away screaming about how the aliens are invading.

1.) The Dracula Orchid. Wow no thanks.

2.) Grinning Monkey Orchids. This just seems too suspicious not to be an alien trap.

3.) Octopus Stinkhorn. Oh man. Gross!

4.) Red Cage Fungus. What the...?!

5.) Lithops. I don't want to step on these.

6.) Strangler Fig. If you walk quietly it won't attack you.

7.) Bleeding Tooth Fungus. All the fun of the dentist, none of the fuss.

8.) Welwitschia mirabilis AKA the world's most resilient plant.

9.) Rafflesia arnoldii AKA the world's largest flower.

10.) Hydnora Africana. So freaky.

11.) Crested Madagascan palm. Not a plant you want to bump into.

12.) Dutchman’s Pipe. They look fuzzy, but I wouldn't trust them.

13.) Black bat flower. Nope. Just nope.

14.) Doll's Eye. Alright now that's just downright scary.

15.) Burdett’s Banksia. Haunting.

16.) Chinese Lantern. I'm getting chills just looking at this one.

17.) Spider-orchid. Now they're bringing spiders into this?!

18.) Coral Fungi. Looks like plastic.

19.) Amorphophallus titanum AKA the corpse flower.

20.) Laughing face orchid. Whew alright this one actually looks cute.

Via : Viral Nova

Well, that settles it. I'm never going outside again. Nature, you win this round. I'll just stay inside thank you very much. Share these freaky planets with you friends on Facebook by clicking below. 

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