Some Of The Worst And Unexplainable Haircuts Ever.

13 Aug 2014 Weird
Some Of The Worst And Unexplainable Haircuts Ever.

I've been to the barber a bunch of times in my life and I've rarely left satisfied with the end result. I always worry about how stupid I'll look with my new haircut. But these people right here? They are on a completely different level. (It's not good.)

1.) I think she likes Dr. Seuss too much.

2.) Next time, just shave your whole head.

3.) This can't be physically possible, right?

4.) This Rapunzel is FO REAL.

5.) ... ... yikes.

6.) No, it's not a chin strap. It's a head strap.

7.) What? The "chicken foot" hairstyle is so in.

8.) Why, yes. That IS a rat tail.

9.) This is also a rat tail.

10.) This is an explosion of NO.

11.) Looking as if you have an animal in your hair = not a good thing.

12.) Pippi Longstockings got real scary, real fast.

13.) First, he'll lay you out. Then, he'll confuse you with his beard.

14.) Who needs a veil when you have your own hair?

15.) LOLOLOL. Nope.

16.) Cousin It's sexier sister.

Source : Viral Nova

Now I don't feel too bad about my haircut. I think I'm looking pretty good actually. Share this post if you know some people with bad haircuts.

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