These 19 Kids Failed At Life...And It's Hilarious.

16 Aug 2014 Funny
These 19 Kids Failed At Life...And It's Hilarious.

Children are the light of our life. They're beautiful, and wonderful, and we can't stop taking their pictures. Ohhhh, children. What a joy.

But for being miniature adults, they're surprisingly terrible at everything. And although they'll be amazingly awesome we know they'll be one day... they really can't be counted on to do ANYTHING right. Seriously, these 19 kids are just the tip of the Fail-iceberg.

1.) "Knock, knock." "Who's There?" "ME, YO!"

2.) Tree climbing 101. You must have failed this class.

3.) Brilliant move, ocean front view.

4.) Frosty 1. Kid 0.

5.) My mom always said magic comes with a side of collateral damage.

6.) Her parents can cross swim scholarship off the list.

7.) You had one job... to stay on the swing!

8.) Umm, he totally doesn't understand the point of licking and page turning!

9.) Can't even get to his at bat without screwing it up, huh?

10.) The worst part is she spilt food!

11.) Pretty sure the playground manufacturer can't protect against stupidity.

12.) Hmm. I need to rewatch Toy Story.

13.) She thought it was called "Face and Slide".

14.) Are you to lazy to walk down the aisle??

15.) Do we not understand how to clean up?

16.) We need to go over the fundamentals of hide and seek again.

17.) And this kid too! Who taught these rules!

18.) Sigh. I give up.

19.) He wanted to draw awesome germ prevention tactics. What we got was this...

Source : Viral Nova

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