20 Photos That Will Make You Do A Double-Take.

17 Aug 2014 Funny
20 Photos That Will Make You Do A Double-Take.

Photographers know all kinds of tricks to get their images to look exactly how they want. Sure, a lot of it involves some clever uses of Photoshop, but what's even more important is getting just the right timing. And that takes a ton of patience and a seriously keen eye. (But sometimes? Just dumb luck.)

These photos prove just how important timing is by making you look twice to see what's really going on. Check these out for a whole new perspective on the world. They're just too perfect:

1.) That boat isn't floating... right? RIGHT?

2.) ... I'm pretty sure he wasn't THAT cheeky.

3.) Wait a minute...

4.) He's so upset, he's using all 4 arms.

5.) Now those must be some loooong legs.

6.) What a fancy guy in the background... I think.

7.) This has to be a new species.

8.) But who is holding who?

9.) Where'd he come from?!

10.) I don't think this guy is an amputee...

11.) RUDE.

12.) That's totally Carla, always showing off her hover skills.

13.) P.S., he isn't naked.

14.) Where'd I put my keys? ... hmmm...

15.) This girl has either a giant head or tiny body.

16.) Introducing: my next pet.

Source : Viral Nova

Figuring these out is like finally seeing the image in a Magic Eye book. Nothing will look the same again! Freak your friends out by showing them these awesome pictures and click on the button below!

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