Makeup Artist Transforms Her Face Into Disney Characters.

20 Aug 2014 Art
Makeup Artist Transforms Her Face Into Disney Characters.

A lot of women use makeup to transform themselves on a daily basis, but they're usually never this creative. Sure, we may add some blush to our cheeks or make our eyebrows stand out a bit more, but we usually keep our lipstick to a simple red or pink shade.

That's not the case for London-based hair and makeup artist Laura Jenkinson. She occasionally decides to go a little outside the lines with her lips. And by "a little," I mean "a lot."

Take a look at her whimsical take on some of our favorite Disney characters!



Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

Timon from The Lion King

Timon from <em>The Lion King</em>

Pumbaa from The Lion King

Pumbaa from <em>The Lion King</em>

Chip from Beauty of the Beast

Chip from <em>Beauty of the Beast</em>

Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast

Lumiere from <em>Beauty and the Beast</em>

Nemo from Finding Nemo

Nemo from <em>Finding Nemo</em>

Dory from Finding Nemo

Dory from <em>Finding Nemo</em>

Meanwhile, I'm still having trouble with trying to give myself cat eyes with eyeliner.

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