These Gorgeous Animals are More Photogenic Than You.

28 Aug 2014 Animals
These Gorgeous Animals are More Photogenic Than You.

If the animal kingdom had its own version of Facebook, these adorable animals would never have to worry about un-tagging any unflattering photos. The natural beauties were clearly born to be in front of a camera! Somehow, they're naturally photogenic

I hope your confidence isn't easily shaken... 

1.) This divine duck.

2.) This hunky hound.

3.) This marvelous moose.

4.) This bewitching bunny.

5.) These wonderful wolves.

6.) This hair-raising horse.

7.) This handsome husky.

8.) This sultry seal.

9.) This fantastic fox.

10.) This delightful doggy.

11.) This fresh-faced fox.

12.) This beautiful brown bear.

13.) This graceful gorilla.

14.) This precious porcupine.

15.) This stunning sloth.

16.) This glamorous goat.

17.) This winsome whale.

18.) This captivating kangaroo.

19.) These elegant eagles.

20.) This magnificent mallard.

21.) This alluring amphibian.

22.) This gorgeous giraffe.

23.) This breath-taking bear.

24.) This lovely llama.

26.) This pretty panda.

Maybe one day we'll all be able to reach this level of elegant grace. (But probably not.) At least my mom still thinks I'm cute! Share all the animal eye-candy with your friends using the buttons below.

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