12 Times It Stunk To Find Out You Were Getting A New Sibling

04 Sep 2014 Funny
12 Times It Stunk To Find Out You Were Getting A New Sibling

Being an only child is hard. Your parents put all their hopes and dreams into you, and if you screw up... well, you can't screw up! Being an only child also means you get to be the center of attention, 24/7. What's better than that?

Unfortunately, some only children wake up one day and realize something horrible: they're about to get a little brother or sister. (Hey, not everyone is happy about a new bundle of joy.)

1.) And now you're the butt of every joke.

2.) Oh ye of little faith.

3.) He's got 99 problems and this is now one.

4.) Someone's a "Big Bro" t-shirt hater.

5.) I'd be in tearful denial too with this note.

6.) Donuts are now her trigger word.

7.) AHHHHHH! ;)

8.) These parents... are TERRIBLE landlords.

9.) Seriously, there will be payback in the form of 4am wake up calls.

10.) Wait...for it....SURPRISE!

11.) "How rude."

12.) I feel ya buddy.

It may come as a shock for a little kid, but having a younger sibling can be a good thing. These children don't realize they'll soon have someone to blame everything on... 

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