Definitive Proof That Everything Is Cuter When Falling Asleep

09 Nov 2014 Animals
Definitive Proof That Everything Is Cuter When Falling Asleep

There's just no denying.

Sure, this puppy starts out cute, but as soon as he cuddles up for a nap? Off-the-charts adorable.

And this little guy? There's nothing more darling.

Ducklings are 500% more adorable when falling asleep.*

*Approximate, though likely entirely accurate, statistics.

These puppies might take over the world with their nap-time perfection.

In case you're wondering, this baby panda was only half as cute the seconds before its sleepiness took over.

And this grumpy pug's beauty soared with the drop of his tired chin.

At a certain point, this baby monkey's yawns might make you overdose from adorable.

And this swing-loving cutie's yawns might put you over the edge.

This cat's sleepy little face is perfection.

And this kitten's cozy hug is too much to bear. 

This little partier's had enough excitement for one day.

And this baker's been working pretty hard. Time for a break.

This corgi knows right when he's hit his limit.

These kittens are all snuggled up and out-of-control cute.

This little guy's doing his best to stay awake, but he's overcome with the need for an adorable nap.

This rat is a bashful nap expert.

And this bunny only has eyes for rest.

This bird's sleepy little face and curled up feet are too precious to handle.

This corgi's lost the fight with slumber, but has won the war of cute.

This kitten's relaxed to the max and isn't afraid who knows it. 

This cheetah's comfortable sleeping sitting up if that's what it takes.

This rat's dainty little paws used as a pillow are simply charming.

This little curled-up sleep is both innovative and delightful.

This puppy's boldly yawning like she knows how cute she is. 

And this baby sloth's sleepy yawn is the cutest yawn to ever be yawned.

Sweet dreams, you adorable dreamers, you.

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