23 Pieces of Indisputable Proof That We're Related To Primates

12 Nov 2014 Animals
23 Pieces of Indisputable Proof That We're Related To Primates

Hey scientists, you could keep studying the genetic similarities between humans and primates, but I'm pretty sure this is all the proof we need.

They think their babies are the most beautiful things in the world.

And they'll risk life and limb to protect them.

Other people's babies are a different story, however.

They hate Mondays...

'Cause it means eight more hours in cubicle hell.

They're addicted to their phones...

And posting terrible BFF selfies to Facebook.

They grow questionable mustaches.

Wear fake glasses just to look cool.

And constantly worry about their hair.

Like us, they don't understand why we still have phone books.

Boobs turn their brains to mush.

They treat their dogs like kids.

And they know there's only one good reason to rake leaves.

Sometimes they stay up too late, drinking with their buddies.

Which they always regret the next day.

They gorge on junk food...

But rarely go to the gym.

Just like us, sometimes every primate needs a hug.

Or a one-man emergency dance party.

But perhaps the most convincing proof of all is that they're just as obsessed with cats as we are. 

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