The 13 adorable cats are really nice friends

17 Nov 2014 Animals
The 13 adorable cats are really nice friends

Who said cats are independent and not very socialised. These 13 cats tell you that they are nice to be friends and don't want to be alone.

1. I don't mind to be a mouse's friend sometimes.

2.Please hug me, I am lonely.

3. Come to play with me.

4. I might find more friend by standing on 2 pumkins

5. Staying with family is always enjoyful

6.My owner is walking to me...

7. Stealing milk together

8. Only want to sleep without friends

9. Sit in owner's chair to miss her

10. Spring is coming and where is my lover

11. Are you my friends

12. It is lucky to have a friend at home

13. Please, Please give me a friend

Although cats are independent and seemed very cool pets, they also need friendship. Everyone in the world feels lonely sometimes.

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