Adorable 5-Month-Old Baby And A Sloth Are Inseparable BFFs

27 Nov 2014 Animals
Adorable 5-Month-Old Baby And A Sloth Are Inseparable BFFs

This is only the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

5-month-old baby Alia and Daisy the sloth have been inseparable since they first met.

According to Alia's parents, Julia and Jason Heckathorn, the two do just about everything together.

That includes discovering the world around them.

Playing with toys.

Wearing matching head accessories.

And even taking naps together.

Even though the Heckathorn clan also includes a kangaroo, anteater, sugar gliders and a cat, these two were drawn to each other.

Julia says, "When Alia and Daisy sit next to each other, Daisy sniffs Alia while Alia nuzzles into Daisy’s soft fur. They are so sweet together."

The family feels that their bond was fate, especially since Julia and Jason put in the paperwork to adopt a sloth before they ever even knew that Alia was on the way.

Just two days after Alia was born, Daisy was introduced into their lives.

Julia says, "I believe that the events happened as God planned them. I guess he knew we could handle the work of two babies at the same time, and that it would be great for them to grow up together."

As a children's book author involved in conservation projects, Julia is taking it all in as she shares her love of animals with her daughter.

The overjoyed mother says, "The sloth and baby have been growing up together, taking walks together, and working alongside mommy as I write my books and travel to schools."

For more about Julia's Hidden Clover children's book series and the conservation work her family does, head over to the Hidden Clover website.

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