This Little Boy Got The Treasure Hunt Of A Lifetime!

29 Nov 2014 Kids Activity
This Little Boy Got The Treasure Hunt Of A Lifetime!

Brody was sent on a treasure hunt, making for a birthday surprise he'll never forget!

For most kids, the suspense of wondering what they got for their birthday lasts only as long as it takes to rip the wrapping paper off a box. But for Redditor crujones43's son, the task of finding his gift was half the fun. Brody was sent on a treasure hunt, making for a birthday surprise he'll never forget!

It all started when Brody opened his present: a card, a notebook, a pen, and a clue.

The clue looked like a barcode, and at the top, it read, "If you are so inclined, you will be able to read this clue."

Hmmmm what could this mysterious barcode mean?

Wait a second...

It was a tricky message!

After a while of trying to figure it out, Brody was able to read the clue: "under a bench you can see from Grandmas balcony."

You can actually see five benches from Grandma's balcony, so Brody had some work to do.

He didn't have much luck at first.

He even looked under the correct bench, but missed it by *that* much!

He even got high-tech with it, using Google Maps to locate other benches in the area.

After coming back the next day for a more thorough search, he finally found the next clue!

He opened it very carefully.

This note was a bit easier to read.

Since their street is in the shape of a "P," there is actually a corner called "McIntyre and McIntyre."

On the back of the stop sign were clear furniture anti-scratch stickers.

Brody was smart and pulled out a Canadian five-dollar bill (which has Braille on it) to check out the similarities in the bumps.

He then Googled the Braille to find out what it meant.

The back of the sign said, "The deck of cards I gave you," which referenced cards that Brody's dad had given him after they played a game with them.

Sure enough, there was a message on one of the cards.

He worked hard on it!

It took him more than a day, but he wasn't about to give up.

Even on day 4, this little guy was still hard at work.

Here's what the edges of the cards look like when they're all shuffled.

...But when they're put in order, a message appears.

To help him out, Brody's dad made a reference line so his son could see which part of the card was at the top.

He found the next clue in his own bed

The clue included two Latin words. Looks like it's time for some more help from Google!

It was the final clue! Brody was so close!

When this park had first opened, Brody's grandparents had bought him a tree there. When he learned that the Latin name was the name of a tree, he knew where to go.

He didn't have to dig too deep.

There it was! The buried treasure!

After all that hard work, Brody found a cheque for $80 just for him! Now he could buy anything he wanted!

The money will eventually run out, but I guarantee that the treasure hunt was a birthday surprise that Brody will never forget. What a brilliant idea!

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