22 Reasons Why Bath Time Is The Cutest Time To Be A Puppy

07 Dec 2014 Animals
22 Reasons Why Bath Time Is The Cutest Time To Be A Puppy

With great cleanliness comes a whole lot of cute.

1. Bubbles provide the most adorable goatees imaginable.

2. So many hairdos are possible with the help of bath water. 

3. A pup in a bucket is a pup reaching its fullest cuteness potential.

4. Same goes for a group of pups in a tub.

5. So. Many. Pups. 

6. And this kind of sincere, cute look is only inspired by baths.

7. *Dead*

8. And this lil' tongue is a whole other level.

9. Out of control. 

10. Just stop. 

11. And while bath time can sometimes inspire the saddest faces to ever grace a small puppy's face...

12. I mean really....

13. So sad, yet so very cute....

14. A lot of pups see bath time as an opportunity for some relaxation. 

15. Who doesn't want a free massage in bubbles? Fools, that's who.

16. Baths are also a great opportunity for fashion statements. 

17. So stylish!

18. And a good work out.

19. Nothing like a good swim!

20. And don't forget that there's nothing like a post-bath pout.

21. Or a ferocious dryer attack. 

22. And, of course, there's nothing better than a clean puppy!

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