12 Struggles of Owning a Big Dog That Doesn't Realize He's a Big Dog

11 Dec 2014 Animals
12 Struggles of Owning a Big Dog That Doesn't Realize He's a Big Dog

Having a big dog is fun, but there are several things to consider before purchasing one. You know how that small dog sheds those tiny little patches? If you get a big, hairy dog your hardwood floors are going to look like shag carpet. There's just something about a large dog that doesn't realize how big he is that's so entertaining to watch.

If a big dog barks it sounds like he's going to eat you even if he just wants to play.

There are no spot in the house you can hide treats from him.

He can never relax because all the little dogs always want to wrestle or play with him.

That three-person couch is now a one person and one dog seat.

Forget about ever giving him a quick bath in the sink.

Your porch swing doesn't stand a chance against his mass.

He wants to snuggle up in your lap like any other dog but...

Seriously, he has no idea he isn't a tiny, little lap dog.

He usually ends up getting bullied by the tiniest dogs because he has no idea that he's ten times bigger.

Nap time normally ends with you trying to escape from underneath the snoozing beast.

You're always afraid he's going to be playing with a small pet and accidentally smash them.

But as goofy and clumsy as he might be, you wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.

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