9 Weird Reindeer Facts That Will Make You Look At Rudolph Completely Differently

13 Dec 2014 Animals
9 Weird Reindeer Facts That Will Make You Look At Rudolph Completely Differently

Reindeer aren't as cute as you remember from all those animated movies you saw as a kid.

1. They help regulate crime.

In Finland, police officers have reindeer partners similar to police dogs.

2. Finnish reindeer glow in the dark.

Reindeer in Finland are the cause of a lot of traffic accidents, so their antlers are sprayed with reflective paint so they can be seen by oncoming traffic.

3. They're something special about those antlers.

Reindeer are the only living species where both sexes grow antlers. Although it may look terrifying, the growth process involves a substance that looks like blood (it's actually called velvet) and it supplies nutrients to the antlers as they grow.

4. Some say reindeer tastes great.

Many tribes in Canada and Scandinavia hunted reindeer survive. It's still a common practice around the world.

5. The deer mentioned in your favorite Christmas songs are probably female.

Most male reindeer tend to lose their antlers around December and since Dasher, Dancer and the rest of the crew still have their antlers, it's safe to assume that they're female.

6. They're nomads.

Herds travel up to 3,000 miles a year in search of food.

7. They're into drugs.

A scientist found that in order to alleviate their boredom, reindeer will sometimes look for and eat psychedelic mushrooms.

8. They can see UV light.

They can see light wavelengths up to 320 nanometers which lets them see things more easily in white tundra.

9. They have a unit of measurement.

"Poronkusema" is a unit of measurement used in Finland that measures how far a reindeer can travel before needing to urinate.

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