18 Dogs And Cats That Are Super Sleepy And Seem To Have Narcolepsy

06 Jan 2015 Animals
18 Dogs And Cats That Are Super Sleepy And Seem To Have Narcolepsy

Can you remember the last time you were really tired? Basically, it felt like it was the most tired you've ever been in your life. Chances are it was after a particularly rough day. Probably a day that was both physically and emotionally draining to the point where you barely made it to your bed before you passed out.

Chances are less likely that day included chasing your tail, but that could be the culprit for these extremely exhausted animals who fell asleep - and fell asleep hard. They might want to check for narcolepsy the next time they take a trip to the vet... Not even playtime, belly rubs, or treats were enough to keep these super sleepyheads awake.

1.) Looks like it was a long day at the office for this little guy.

2.) Because nothing says "comfort" like your face smashed into a brick wall.

3.) I hope he's dreaming of staying balanced.

4.) Car rides can be so exhausting.

5.) Really gives a new meaning to "falling" asleep.

6.) Putting up a strong fight.

7.) He's so cute that he tuckered himself out.

8.) Yep, she's down for the count.

9.) It's always good to keep your head up.

To keep the blood flowing?

10.) Standing up? No problem for super sleepers.

11.) Nothing will end her vigil for treats.

12.) So I guess we're done with fetch, then.

13.) This is his worst attempt at hide and seek so far.

14.) This is the only skateboard trick I can do, too.

15.) Becoming one with nature one snore at a time.

16.) We usually get tired after we eat, not during.

17.) I bet it takes a lot to get this little guy to wake up.

18.) Quenching his thirst must have been draining.

Maybe we should all take a cue from these sleeping beauties and grab a few seconds of shut-eye whenever (and wherever) we can. Of course, it's probably a lot easier to get away with when you're as adorable as they are.

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