From green to clean after animal lovers gave it a wash

08 Jan 2015 Animals
From green to clean  after animal lovers gave it a wash

Emerald cat that became an internet sensation after sleeping on tins of paint looks like its old self again after animal lovers gave it a wash

Bulgaria's famous emerald green cat is looking a lot less colourful these days, after she was given a wash by worried animal lovers.

The ludicrously-coloured moggie became an internet sensation last year after she was spotted prowling through the popular seaside resort of Varna, on the Black Sea. 

But all that remains of her former garish tone is slightly green ears and a patch on her chest - although her fur has kept a slightly grass-like glow.

Residents feared she had been abducted - although others insisted that rain had washed the animal's colour away and said a similar-looking green cat was seen last year.

However, it seems locals weren't willing to take the risk of losing her again - so an animal rescue team stepped in to give her a wash.

Animal protection agencies are hoping that the stand-out nature of the feline won't influence owners to paint their cats.

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