25 Rare Medical Conditions You Never Heard Of

24 Apr 2014 Weird
25 Rare Medical Conditions You Never Heard Of

From disorders that cause you to grow ridiculous amounts of hair to an uncurable disease that makes you smell like a fish these are 25 rare medical conditions you never heard of.

1.Retired Husband Syndrome

A condition where a woman begins to exhibit signs of physical illness and depression as her husband reaches, or approaches, retirement.

2.Paris Syndrome

A psychiatric breakdown that especially tends to happen in Japanese tourists when the city of Paris doesn’t live up to its romanticized image. Apparently the Japanese embassy in Paris even has a hotline that visitors can call.

3.Truman Show Delusion

A person’s belief that they are the star of an imaginary reality show.

4.Mary Hart seizures

Epileptic seizures caused by hearing the exact pitch and tone of former Entertainment Tonight host Mary Hart’s voice. Yes, she really did cause some people to have seizures.

5.Laugh Syncope

The tendency to laugh so hard that you pass out.

6.Rapunzel Syndrome

For whatever reason, there are people out there that like to eat their hair. The problem with eating your hair is that it is not digestible. For this reason, just like in a bad sci-fi movie, consuming too much of it will cause it to clump up, wrap around your internal organs, and kill you.

7.Busy Life Syndrome

If you walk into rooms and quite often forget what it is you were trying to do or look for, it could be busy life syndrome. According to the professionals its just information overload brought on by things like the internet.

8.Parry Romberg Syndrome

Half of your face begins to shrink leading to a non symmetrical appearance. The cause is unknown.


A disorder that distorts the sense of taste.

10.Burning Mouth Syndrome

A complaint of a burning sensation on the roof of the mouth with no underlying dental or medical cause.

11.Gourmand Syndrome

Caused by injuries to the right frontal lobe, this condition is characterized by an obsessive focus on eating, thinking, talking, and writing about fine foods.

12.Alien Hand Syndrome

A neurological disorder in which the afflicted person’s hand appears to take on a mind of its own and sometimes even harms the person.

13.Jargon Aphasia

A speech disorder where a person uses made up words in regular sentences. It can progress to the point where they are speaking in an entirely fictional language.

14.Walking Corpse Syndrome

Also known as Cotard’s delusion, this is a rare mental disorder in which people hold the delusional belief that they are dead.

15.Capgras Delusion

The persistent belief that a loved one has been replaced by an identical imposter.

16.Fregoli Delusion

A rare disorder in which a person believes that many different people are actually a single person with advanced skills in the art of disguise.

17.Foreign Accent Syndrome

A medical condition in which patients develop what appears to be a foreign accent. It usually happens following a stroke.

18.Exploding Head Syndrome

A sleep disorder in which subjects experience loud bangs in their head similar to bombs exploding.


A disorder in which people cannot accurately estimate the amount of time that has passed


An intense hysteria first used to describe fans of famous pianist Franz Liszt during his performances. Patients exhibited visible physiological symptoms not too different from the Justin Bieber fans of today.


A metabolic disorder that makes you smell like day old fish. It has no known cure or treatment.

22.Stendhal Syndrome

A psychomatic disorder that causes rapid heartbeat, dizziness, and fainting when an individual is exposed to art they find particularly beautiful.

23.Stone Man Syndrome

This extremely rare mutation of the body’s repair mechanism often causes injured muscles, tendons, and ligaments to be ossified, or turned to bone, which can eventually cause a person to be rendered completely immobile.

24.Human Werewolf Syndrome

Formally known as hypertrichosis, there are only about 50 people in the world with this rare disorder. Unfortunately not even laser hair removal is effective in these cases.


Children affected by this disease age much more rapidly than normal. OFten they develop wrinkles and baldness before the age of 2 and rarely live to be older than their early teens.


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