25 Things Turning 25 in 2014

27 Apr 2014 Facts
25 Things Turning 25 in 2014

25 years ago (in 1989) the world was a different place. The internet as we know it today was just being born, the first text messages were being sent, and the Iron Curtain was falling. These are 25 things turning 25 in 2014.

1.Text Messages

2.Family Matters



5.Sega Genesis

6.Batman Movies

7.Saved By The Bell

8.First closeup images of Neptune (taken by Voyager II)

9.Cambodia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Afghanistan


11.End of the Cold War

12.Destruction of Berlin Wall

13.Fall of the Iron Curtain



16.Nintendo Game Boy

17.The Cranberries

18.Microsoft Office

19.DNA evidence in court (Florida & Virginia)

20.Intel's revolutionary 486 series microprocessor

21.The Tienanmen Square Massacre

22.Magnum Ice Cream

23.Sky Television

24.Unofficial end of WWII (last two Japanese holdout troops surrender)

25.The World Wide Web

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