25 Veggies That Forgot How To Veggie

14 May 2014 Funny
25 Veggies That Forgot How To Veggie

What happens when a vegetable is tired of being a vegetable? It may just try to become something else completely. At least that’s what we think happened with these 25 Veggies That Forgot How To Veggie.

1.Duck Gourd

2.Relaxing Lemon

3.Hugging Carrots

4.Hey Broccoli!

5.Penguin Potato

6.Fleece Flower on the Phone

7.Quackie Gourd

8.Lying Eggplant

9.Goosey Gourd

10.Rad Radish

11.Hyper Eggplant

12.Flower Pepper

13.Carrot Hand

14.Potato Bear

15.Tomato Bunny




19.Jump High Radish

20.Potato Foot

21.Frustrated Pepper

22.Enchanting Parship

23.Sheepified Potato

24.Peaceful Pear

25.Reflective Eggplant

Source : List25

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