17 Hilariously Awful Kids Are Just Evil (But Awesome)

24 May 2014 Funny
17 Hilariously Awful Kids Are Just Evil (But Awesome)

Sometimes you may think that a baby is giving you the stink eye… and other times? You know they are. Most of the time, kids can be little angels, worthy of pinched cheeks and big bear hugs. (After all, kids are kids. What’s the worst they could do?) As it turns out, children can be evil geniuses.

These kids don’t care. And when they don’t care, they let terrible and hilarious things happen. It’s kind of awesome as long as you’re not on the receiving end.

If you want to have kids, know this: there will be a time that they destroy something you love and all they can do is smile. You may think it’s innocence… but IS IT?

Share these hilariously awful kids with your friends or other parents. Let them know they aren’t alone.

Source : Viral Nova

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