Adorable Animal Pairs Become Friends

02 Jun 2014 Animals
Adorable Animal Pairs Become Friends

These animals could easily kill each other but have decided to become friends instead. We should follow their example.

1.Hard to believe, Cat and Mouse are friend
Hard to believe, Cat and Mouse are friend sweet.
so sweet.
3.Giraff and Ostrich
Giraff and Ostrich and chimpanzee
dog and chimpanzee

5.Duck's love
Duck's love
animal friendship and parrot
cat and parrot and tiger
dog and tiger
10.Are they really friends?
Are they really friends? tiger need love
baby tiger need love
13.little baby pig need love.
little baby pig need love.
14.this dog is just cool.
this dog is just cool.
15.sheep and elephant.
sheep and elephant. pig and Rabbit
baby pig and Rabbit
17.oh.. so cute.
oh.. so cute.
animal friendship
19.such a nice dog
such a nice dog
20.lovely kiss
lovely kiss
Kiss hippo and tortoise
baby hippo and tortoise
animal friendship
animal friendship and lion
man and lion
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