calendar 19 Jun 2014 Food Hacks

Does your kitchen give you nightmares? Too intimidated to tackle that recipe your mom gave you for your favorite meal growing up? Or maybe you’re racking up some serious pizza delivery debt. Regardless of what’s kept you from the kitchen, it’s time to face your fears with a little help from these ridiculously easy hacks.

calendar 04 May 2014 Food Hacks

There are foods that you eat, possibly every day, that are so toxic that they are banned from being used in countries. The European Union, China and other superpowers have backed off from using some heavily processed foods and chemicals that have been proven to cause health issues when consumed. But not the United States.

calendar 11 Mar 2014 Food Hacks

“To err is human.” That is, we all make mistakes. It’s perfectly natural to accidentally be over-budget for the month or show up late for a meeting. However, when people make mistakes in the food production or service industry, the results can be disastrous. These 15 real people found items in the food they purchased from stores or restaurants… and it’s so horrific I may never eat fast food again.

calendar 21 Jul 2014 Food Hacks

Ever wonder why things say “microwavable safe” and some don’t? It’s not entirely clear because that machine is a bag of scientific mysteries. Have no fear, casual reader, here’s a microwave cheat sheet that’ll make you look like the digital Iron Chef…

calendar 26 Mar 2014 Food Hacks

It seems like the fast food giants have been getting a little too creative with their promotional menu items lately. From pizza stuffed with hot dogs in the crust, to squid ink burgers, these fast food concoctions didn’t fail in either making me extremely hungry, or removing my appetite for any food altogether for the next 36 hours.