calendar 09 Mar 2014 Nature

The immeasurable beauty of each picture below is hard to believe, but your mind will be blown once you realize that every gorgeous photo is a real place that you can visit. This isn’t Photoshop. These are 15 of the most beautiful, natural wonders on this earth. You could always travel the world and see them for yourself, but this list should do for now:

calendar 10 Mar 2014 Nature

The world is full of natural wonders; there are so many that it’s hard to just exactly what to see. That’s why we think it’s more important to identify what experiences you want to have before you leave this world. There is more than one way to skin a cat (we’re guessing there is at least four) and there is more than one way to get these experiences.

calendar 10 Aug 2014 Nature

Across this world, there are thousands upon thousands of places to swim. It’s good for your health and good clean fun. But if you are bored of ordinary swimming pools, there are too many other unusual or cool places to swim that are far from dull to keep you happy and entertained. Consider a bit of travel to visit theses places to swim, from the bizarre to the beautiful.

calendar 12 Mar 2014 Nature

When most people say that they are just going to quit their jobs and travel the world, they don’t mean it. They stay in their 9-5 and hope someday to retire. However, there was one man who was just gutsy enough to quit his job, leave everything behind and travel the globe! 9 months ago, this brave traveler quit his day job to begin traveling all over the world. He keeps a blog and what he sees and does is absolutely amazing.

calendar 04 Aug 2014 Nature

Even if you're an avid admirer of nature's majesty, you're probably not aware of everything there is to love in the natural world. It only makes sense, though, that you're only familiar with what happens in your specific region of the Earth. Every day, you get to experience many beautiful things, but there is just so much more to see.