calendar 14 Jan 2016 Animals

Back to life...back to reality. The holidays are officially over. I wish we could say the same thing for Winter, but unfortunately, it's just getting started. Starting right after Halloween, we expect (even wish for) the weather to be cold and snowy. It just doesn't feel like Christmas unless everyone is bundled up and skidding their way to Grandma's house on poorly plowed roads.

calendar 15 Dec 2015 Animals

Dogs are hilarious. They always approach life and its many obstacles with the best intentions, but their well-intentioned ideas sometimes turn into instant regret. Just yesterday, for example, my dog performed all of her best tricks for what she thought was a bag of biscuits. Let's just say that she was less than enthused when she figured out that what she signed up for was actually a festive sweater and a Christmas photoshoot.